Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gooseberry and Butterprint, Oh My! - Treasures from the Michigan Thumb Yard Sale

I promised a peek at the things I got at the Michigan Yard Sale Trail in the thumb.  I meant to post on Sunday but, as usual, life got in the way...
This pink gooseberry was the highlight of the trip -- I could have gone home immediately and been THRILLED with what I found!
Three butterprint pieces plus one horizon bowl.  
These two Verde fridgies aren't great, but the price was right.  The little clothespin apron is hand painted and embroidered
Remember Margaret's straw hat?  It's 2 feet wide!
The other hat is a more fashionable one from Winkleman's department store.
I broke my self-imposed moratorium on vintage Christmas at the second stop!
This is a vintage Davy Crockett shirt from the 1960s -- it's pretty sad, though.  I really liked the little doll-sized chest of drawers, too.
This is some great made-in -Japan Christmas stuff
Have you ever seen a twin faced alarm clock?  Perfect for Ozzie and Harriet twin beds!
Just a few vintage linens, but they were very nice.
This big lot of feedsack strips (all 2-3' long and about 8" wide) was super-cheap.  I wasn't even positive it was real feedsack, because it looked so bright and new
Here are all the paterns -- multiple strips of most of them
This primitive home-made hen & chicks will go out by the girls.  
I just loved this kitchen from the 1970s-80s.  I almost walked away from it but knew I'd regret it if I did.  I still have to arrange with the seller to pick up the box of 'accessories' (dishes and toy food) that she forgot to bring to the sale
I picked up this sad lamp to make a globe lamp.  It needs to be cleaned up (really dirty) and rewired.  You'll see this one late when the project is done


Melissa said...

Great finds! Really loving all the Pyrex and Christmas!

ThrifterSisters said...

I also have a self imposed no more vintage Christmas rule that I break just about every time I leave the house. Why is it so hard?!

Loving all the Pyrex. Bargain Hunter must be a super good friend to let you have all of that :-)


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