Friday, August 8, 2014

First Time Fun in the Thumb -- Michigan's Yard Sale Trail!

I had a new experience today and it was a great one!  My friend and fellow-junker Bargain Hunter asked me to go with her to the M-29 Yard Sale Trail... I didn't need to be asked twice.  The Yard Sale Trail runs along Lake Huron on the 'thumb' of the Michigan mitten (the Lower Penninsula).  The weather today was in the high 70s with a gorgeous blue sky and deep blue lake -- it was just a perfect day for this fun adventure!

This is a panorama of three photos, so it's a little dodgy...but the lake is still beautiful!
We left early and drove to Algonac and began shopping right away.  The first place we stopped was a frog (no bargains there) but #2 was a prince -- Pyrex gold mine!  It just got better and better after that.

Since I'd never done one of these sales before, I was just flat-out amazed at (and overwhelmed by) how many sales there were.  We did nothing but shop non-stop for the next 60 miles -- all the way to Port Sanilac, where we just ran out of time (and money...and energy) and we had only stopped at a quarter of the sales that we saw on the way and had only stayed on M-29 (didn't go down any side roads).  There was so much junk were so many treasures that I had to remember to pace myself.  What a great problem to have!

If you ever get a chance to do one of these long sales, don't miss the experience!  Wear comfortable shoes, pack some snacks and cold water and bring lots of cash.  You won't be disappointed.

Here are some of the pictures of the day.  I'll apologize in advance that they're not well staged and sometimes a little blurry.  They were shot almost on the run, with my phone.  Since I totally beat and my car won't get unloaded until tomorrow, there won't be any pictures of the treasures until then.
Picture 150 continuous miles of this.  Junking HEAVEN!
We saw LOTS of ships on the lake, but this was the coolest!  That's the Canadian shore in the background
I came home with this sweet 1980s kitchen for my little sweetie, Grace
This was one of my favorite sales, even though all I bought were two vintage hats
I knew I had to have Margaret's giant straw hat the moment I saw it.  This is one of the few pictures of me you'll ever find online -- I think I look really good like this ~
I really liked these pet beds and their furry models
This is the only antique mall we stopped at, which really couldn't rival the sales...
I wish I'd found this sink unit when we were redoing our kitchen.  I searched everywhere for a sink with built-in drainboard.  We had one identical to this in our first house and I loved it!
This was a sad sight out in back of the mall.  A dealer had lots of formica tables and matching chairs and was just spray painting chrome paint over all the rust without even trying to clean or restore them.  He scurried away when Bargain Hunter saw him.  
A big park with lots of booths, but only about half were vintage
Rows and rows of tables of bargains -- all 'price reduced'
One of the creepier things of the day -- the sad deer looking out of the shopping cart 
Picked up this large bag of feedsack for an amazing low price -- I can't wait to go through it tomorrow
A napkin doll, photo for Bargain Hunter
Here's the back of Bargain Hunter's car...
Everything you see is MINE!  (Kind of scary, isn't it?)
Tune in tomorrow for a peak at my finds!

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

It was a fun day!!! I'm so glad you could go!! Mark your calendar for next year! :)

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