Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2 Crazy Days of Shopping - Day Two: Davisburg Antiques

I thought I'd be posting this 'second day' post the day after my 'first day' one -- an entire week ago!  It seems like there just isn't enough time in the day (or enough days in the week) to keep up with everything.  When I do one task, I keep thinking about all the other ones that aren't getting done.

But enought whining...

Back to the 2 Crazy Days of Shopping.  On Saturday (a week ago, now) my friend Bargain Hunter and I went to the first Antiques Festival in Davisburg -- about an hour closer than Midland.  It was smaller than Midland, but I think that it will grow in size and popularity very quickly.

It was a miserable day, chilly and rainy, but the shopping was fantastic.  AND extra points to the Davisburg people:  they had crews going around with wood chips, putting them on all the really muddy places to make it easier to walk.  That's something they never do at Midland!  Even with the wood chips, our feet were covered with mud and we had mud up our jeans to our calves.  But when did a little mud ever stop a motivated junker?

I intended to take pictures of some of the staging and cool items, but got too busy shopping and forgot to.  Oh well, that's something to save for next time...  I found some real treasures and filled up my granny cart and part of Bargain Hunter's.  In my defense, my granny cart is one of the smaller ones I've seen...that must be why I always fill it before BH fills hers!

Here are some of the cool things I got:
I just LOVE these woven metal baskets (or are they purses?)  I don't know if I'll sell them on Etsy or in the booth -- they have such possibilities for display
Spaniel PBN
Bag lot of children's toy dishes.  I admit it -- I bought the entire bag lot just to get the little slotted spoon and the teal starburst plates!
Glass pitchers are on my 'do not buy' list.  I couldn't pass this one up, though -- it's now in my kitchen.  I replaced another pitcher and set of six glasses with this one piece though.  That should prove I'm not a hoarder!  
These complete my set of these Daisy Pyrex bowls.  I'd just told Bargain Hunter that they were on my wish list and there they were, in the first building we went into!
This octagonal tin is in great condition.  I priced it and took it to the booth and ended up bringing it home -- I can't part with it!
Art Deco spiral chrome bookends from the 1930s
This quilt is a cutter -- 3 of the 15 blocks are too frayed and rotted to use.  The other 12 are really nice, though, and the perfect size for seat covers or pillows (if I ever get time to sew them)
This set was my big splurge for myself -- I'd never seen this set of Tavern candles before.  I don't believe that Santa was original, but he's a cute add-on
The colors in ths Canada tablecloth are so bright!  I don't know if I'll be able to sell this, either, as I love all things Canadian...
This big Old West tea towel is really unusual and in mint, unused condition. There are dates and historical events all over the map and the principal people around the edges

I'll definitely go to Davisburg Antiques again (but probably get a bigger cart).  I'm already looking forward to the next one...think how much fun it will be without the mud!


ThrifterSisters said...

Love it all, especially the Hazel Atlas dots bowl and all the Pyrex. You did great. Maybe you should get a bigger cart :-)


Melissa said...

I'm drooling over the Hazel Atlas dots bowl. AND the Pyrex. Awesome finds!

SusieQT said...

I have that octagonal biscuit tin as well, and use it as a small picnic basket all the time!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wow such a great haul of treasures!! Love the glassware, vintage dishes and pretty quilt!! :) Have a wonderful rest of the week! xo Holly

Tara said...

Great finds, I especially like the quilt and daisy bowls, they're the perfect color for summer.

Mitzi said...

You found some cool stuff on your travels, Ann! I love the colorful Old West tea towel.....

Mitzi said...

I love those tins with the basketweave pattern....I can understand why you kept it! You found lots of other great things, too. Very "Anne-ish"!

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