Monday, May 5, 2014

2 Crazy Days of Shopping - Day One: Maumee Antique Mall

Last Friday, my friend Bargain Hunter and I went out for a little 'retail therapy'.  We had planned to go to the M-15 garage sale (about 46 miles of garage sales), but decided to skip it because it was so chilly and rainy.  Since it didn't officially start until the next day (Saturday), we thought the early-bird sellers might just decide to wait and hope that the weather improved.  

Instead, we went to Maumee Antiques near Toledo, which has quickly become one of my absolute favorite malls!  It's in an old grocery store so it's really big and most of the booths are very well staged with lots of interesting stuff.  They even have shopping carts, which is good, since they don't have many (or any) floor walkers.  

I found some great things, with a definite mid-century vibe...
Napco bobble-head cat with two kittens
Holt Howard Santa from 1963 and a boy birthday angel (always hard to find)
Spaghetti poodle planter in near-mint condition
I think clowns are creepy, but I always like these homemade yo-yo clowns with the celluloid faces.  This little guy is only about 7" high.  The large apple bowl is fired-on Flamingo Pink & in perfect condition.
1951 Dolly Toy wall hangings -- Little Boy Blue
I thought I'd put this planter on my front porch, but now I think it will end up in the booth
I loved this teal and basketweave train case!  
The mirror's gone and the seller has added this floral paper panel.  My friend Bargain Hunter likes it, but I think the panel has got to go -- how do you vote?
I loved this showboat musical jewelry box from 1965!  Do you think it's cool or tacky?
It plays 'Way Down Upon the Swanee River'
Six Vera Neumann napkins and a garden tote -- plus a wonderful little news brochure from 1950
Mr. KV says the news magazine, called Quick, was like the ipad of the 50s, because of its caption:  "Get Quick at your newstand each Thursday and carry it in your pocket or your purse...and read it wherever you are"  We could just imagine a bus or restaurant full of 1950s people all reading their Quicks, the way people are all busy on their phones now!
After all those fun finds, you might think I wouldn't want to shop any more.  NOT SO!  We were all geared up and ready to go to the Antiques Flea Market at Davisburg the next day.  That's the next post, though.  

Have a great evening, everyone!

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ThrifterSisters said...

I love fired on pieces! Great find on that apple. I have never seen anything like it before.

Can't wait to see what else you found,


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