Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun Finds: 'Yellow Drawers'

I went to the antique mall last week to restock, take in more Christmas and 'fluff' the booth.  One of the other dealers there, Giselle (who shares my love the truly odd and kitschy), showed me a little chenille & pinecone gnome ornament she was buying.  (As if I need MORE vintage Christmas!)  She thought that I'd want one, too -- she was right!

Actually, she was wrong...I wanted three.   She bought three, as well and we stood at the checkout desk for a long time discussing their various merits:  they were all part of a gnome orchestra set and each had a different instrument and different colored hats, chenille legs and spun cotton feet.

The other employees were laughing at our discussion about which ones we wanted to keep and which to put back, especially at my final observation:  "I just have to keep this guy because I'm partial to his yellow drawers"!

Here are the other two guys...

 And here's old 'yellow drawers, himself" (isn't he cute?):

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Melmac Central said...

Love the blog and cute precious little plastic things. love the plastic!

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