Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fun, Friends, Finds...

Last weekend, our friends Mark & Kally (who've moved away to Minnesota) came back to Michigan for a visit.  They spent most of the week with family, but we got to see them for Thursday night through Saturday morning.  Friday was the Detroit Tigers' home Opening Day (baseball, for those of you who didn't know) and was also our friend's birthday.  What better gift to give him than a trip to Opening Day?
A beautiful sunny day
The marquee on the historic Fox Theater  
Detroit is pretty sad in lots of areas -- many vacant lots, derelict or burnt out or boarded up homes and lots of abandoned buildings.  I saw this on the walk to the ballpark:
Can you read the graffiti a the top?
We had a great time at the game -- it was chilly (only about 47 degrees all day) but the sun was out, we were with dear friends, the popcorn was good and the Tigers won.  It just doesn't get any better than that...or does it?  What could be the perfect end to a perfect day?  A vintage deal!

We stopped for pizza at a favorite after-the-game spot. We'd just pulled up to the restaurant when  Kally and I spotted the Salvation Army store right across the street!  I know you won't believe this, but the guys didn't want to go!  So we dropped them off and went to the SA to see what bargains there were.

It was our lucky day -- the Pyrex fairy must have just left as we arrived.  We found 2 mixing bowl sets and some assorted casseroles.

Kally got this primary set and 2 large yellow fridgies:

I got these 3  Butterprint bowls, a small Horizon bowl, a white bowl and a 'Barcode' casserole (not that easy to find).

Blue Barcode casserole
Here's the deal-of-the-day part: each bowl was individually priced, with the largest ones being $3.99 and each one smaller priced a little less.  When we got to the checkout, we showed the man that and he said, 'It doesn't matter -- I just charged you $3.99'!  She got the ENTIRE primary mixing bowl set for $3.99!  I almost RAN to the car so that we could be gone before they changed their minds.  What a deal!

On a different note, you might remember that Kally made a wonderful poof for me as a gift and sent it in a HUGE box from Minnesota.  Well, when we went downstairs to look at all my thrift junk goodies, she could see it was covered with cat hair.  Good thing she's a cat-woman, because she didn't mind at all.

This picture's for you Kally -- Leo says 'Hi' (and thank you) from his favorite spot...

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