Friday, April 19, 2013

A Leap of Faith...or Off of a Cliff!

I quit my day job!

This was a HUGE decision!  Ever since I had carpal tunnel flare up last fall, sitting 28 hours a week at a computer has been difficult and by the end of the week, my hand, wrist and arm are really weary.  So, when I looked at all the directions I'd like to go with my booth and the Etsy shop and some of the things I'd like to do creatively, it just seemed like the right time to do it.

I prayed about it a long time to make sure it was the right decision. I had lots of affirmation through support from family & friends and through some sales-successes in the past 2 or 3 months.   I'm so thankful for Mr. KV and the support he's given me in this -- he figured out how we could do it financially and has encouraged me to take this step.  What a guy!  

Another 'encouragement' I got was from my sister (who is always my biggest fan).  She gave me a 'gift' -- a pair of tiny, skimpy, lacy blue panties with a note, "Here are your big-girl panties.  Now put them on and go in and quit your job!"  I still laugh when I think about them, and plan to save them for the next friend who needs a gentle push to act on something (they'll literally be travelling pants!).  All joking aside, though, I've been blessed beyond anything I could have hoped for or asked for!

I had hoped to be completely done with my job at the church, but agreed to continue as webmaster and keep the website going until they could hire someone else to do it.  So, even though yesterday was my last day, I'll still be working for them (from home) the equivalent hours of one workday a week.  Not bad, since I can work it around my other stuff (translation: work on the website at midnight in my jammies).  If all goes well, I'll be completely 'unemployed' by Memorial Day.

So, I'm stepping out in faith into the next phase of my life.  It's VERY exciting, but also scary!   I'm hoping to be able to share many more junking adventures and many more before-and-after projects in the future.  I'm excited to have you all along for the journey, too!


JunkStuffTreasures said...

Yea for you! I'm sure you will have much success in your business ventures!

Perfectly Printed said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will do great things!! chris

Nostalgic Vicky said...

Good for you! How absolutely wonderful. We only get one chance at life and you have got to grab every day and cherish and fullfill. All the very best. Good luck. I did the same thing a year ago and have never looked back xx

Vonlipi said...

YAY for you!

go out there and have fun! Can't wait to see pictures of your booth :)

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