Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Worth a Second Look

Sometimes a sale doesn't look like much the first time through, but is worth a second look.  I went to three sales on Friday and found one just like that.

There were two in the same little community and the first one was a family-run estate sale.  Like lots of family sales, the sellers had watched TOO MANY episodes of Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers!   They had some nice green depression glass, but it was so expensive.  One glass jar with a lithograph on the lid was $50!  There was a cake platter, a couple of bowls and a cream and sugar.  I asked the lady if the $50 was for the set and she explained that each piece was priced alone.  The cheapest one was $20!  She told me she was asking what she'd paid for each one at an antique mall about 10 years ago.    No point in arguing economic downturn, tastes that have changed from depression glass to mid-century or yard sale vs. antique mall.  I just said thank you and walked away.

I got to the next sale really early because of that and was #6.  My friend Bargain Hunter and a few more people I knew from the antique mall were there, too.  Inside, almost everything was marked and they had lots of people in the rooms to help with pricing and running items -- always a good thing.  Their prices were on the high end, though.  Bargain Hunter left almost as soon as she got there -- empty-handed.  I was getting ready to go and decided to do one more walk through...I'm glad that I did!

There were some deals (though not steals) to be had.
I found this Replogle globe bank (9" high with a 6" dia. globe) from 1960.  How do I know that?  I always check this website -- one of my favorites -- to date globes and maps!  I love to see when countries merged, separated and changed names.   Globes are really popular right now, too (probably because they're being replaced by online maps & GPSes).
This postcard folder was in a box of postcards.  It looks, at first glance, like a regular Mackinac collection.  Check out the bridge, though!  It was printed when the Mighty Mac was being built -- the pictures are great!
This Hermes typewriter in in mint condition!  It has all the books, brushes and original stuff.  It also types really well -- the ribbon isn't dried out very much at all (they often are).
BEST BUY OF THE DAY:  This Lefton 'Christmas Kids' -- it was on a table on a porch (not in a place of honor), is in perfect condition and was priced dirt cheap!  First I did a double-take, then I did a happy dance!   This little sweetie is just going to stay out until Christmas (and maybe all year around)...

The next sale I went to was run by two really nice guys -- I'd been to their sales before and they're always so nice to deal with (and their prices are fair.
I got this ceramic Christmas tree.  These are the hot collectible this year!  I think this one is nice because it has a music box in the base that plays White Christmas.
Little Golden Books are always nice to find
These 1950s kids' books are very interesting. I like the illustrations and projects in the  'Let's Play'
Maybe I should keep a few of the children's books for a grandchild-yet-to-be!
I got this box of 24 pieces of W.S. George Sierra dinnerware.  Sadly, one of the dinner plates broke when I hit a bump.  Michigan's dirt roads are a real pain!
The Sierra pattern is from 1955.  I found an 
The Sierra pattern is from 1955.  The backstamp reads 'W.S. George Half-Century of Dinnerware'.  There isn't much to be found online, so it must be fairly rare.  I found a old ad for it, though -- a 16 piece set sold for $7.50!  I think the atomic pattern is lovely.
 This is a box of wooden poker chips.  I wish the box weren't so beat up -- it's interesting all by itself.
 BEST BUY FROM THAT SALE:  A 1930s Hendryx birdcage and stand.  I don't know if you can see it very well in the picture, but it's very cool.  That's the third birdcage I've found in the last 2 months.  I don't know if other people like them as much as I do or not...I guess I'll find out!

So, the moral of this post is:  The next time you go to a sale and think there's nothing there to buy, take another look -- there just might be a treasure hidden away somewhere!


Perfectly Printed said...

Isn't it funny how some sales have such high prices??? Love your globe..and thanks for sharing the website where you can check the dates....maybe you can put your broken plate in a pot as decoration

Jill said...

Love, love tote Lefton piece - that is just too cute!!

I got a ceramic tree last year before Christmas and found one for my daughter this year -I saw new ones at a farmers market, they're quite expensive!

Into Vintage said...

That hermes typewriter is a major score -- Gina from Vintage Junk in My Trunk just did a post about one she found. Lucky you!! The globe website is a great resource -- thanks for sharing.

Vintage Living Magazine said...

Love that Hermes typewriter! What a find! :-)

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Great finds! Good lesson to take a second look! :)
I usually do, but when I have a crabby, impatient husband in the car waiting, I have to hustle through. Maybe I should leave him at home! :)

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