Friday, October 19, 2012

In the Mail Today: Mid-Century Clip-On Bird Ornaments!

Look what came in the mail today -- these 1950s clip-on bird ornaments.  These aren't classy and beautiful like their mercury glass 'elder sisters' from the early 1900s, but are totally kitschy plastic birds!  They have a spring inside and they open and close like a clothespin.  People used to put them on their Chrstmas trees in winter and their outside trees & bushes in the summer.  I saw some on Etsy a while back and that particular lot was priced well beyond my budget, so I've been watching for them ever since.

These little guys definitely need a trip to the bird bath, but other than that, they're great!  I plan to keep some, share some with some special family members (you know who you are -- I hope) and sell the rest.   Mid-century kitsch is so much fun!



Those are the sweetest little birdies. Haven't seen them before! How Fun!

chris mckinley said...

Love these!! I haven't seen these before either!! So cute!!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

LOVE these cute little birds!! SO adorable they are! Have a great weekend, xo Holly

JunkYard Gypsy said...

Those are Adorable! Great find.
Ciao, JunkYard Gypsy

crit said...

i LOVE these!!! ;)

beetree said...

Love these birdies- sooo sweet! And, YAY for being your 100th follower- congrats on a milestone number! :)

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