Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Great Days of Vintage Shopping!

Last weekend was an amazing 2 days of flea market shopping at two of my favorite venues:  Midland Antique Festival (1000 dealers on 80 acres) and Greenmead Summer Flea Market.  There were so many treasures to be found!

My friend Bargain Hunter and I left early in the morning on a wet and windy Saturday to go to Midland.  When we got there, it was in the 50s (but felt colder) and we were glad we had our hoodies!  The grassy areas were soaked and there were squish grass-puddles everywhere.  Some of the booths had straw over the puddles -- it was supposed to give the shopper a dry place to walk, but it only hid the puddles and turned them into bad surprises.  A few booths even had wood planks to walk on!
Soon the sun came out, though, and made everything brighter! 

I bought some nice things to add to the booth and to list on Etsy:
A wall shelf shaped like a book with a red art deco inside
A Harmony House platter with a gray, turquoise and white line design
Some nice linens.  I'm keeping the plate (I have a cream & sugar to match), the Harlequin egg cup and the chicken tea towel (of course!)
Some tinware and utensils.  The canister has a butterscotch bakelite knob
An Anchor Hocking holly punch set
Then there's always the to-me-from-me treasure or two.  I did the happy dance all the way out of the booth on this one: 
A tinware laundry soap pitcher!  I've had these on my wish list for ages
A Dots and Squares Pyrex salad bowl set.  It turns out this was a one-time promotional offering from Pyrex and came with the salad fork and spoon -- still with this set!
A medium Pyrex fridgie in red (also on my wish list) and a cute little bowl with a dutch fired on design
One of Bargain Hunter's blog-friends, Marie, went all the way to Midland from Windsor, Ontario and she met BH there to say hi.  I love how our blogs connect us and introduce us to people we never would have known otherwise!  BH and I had a nice time chatting with Marie and checking out the bargains she found (a cute toy sewing machine and a lovely quilt). 

There were some crazy things there, too!  Here's one of the oddest things we saw at Midland:  A shopping cart with a motor (look closely at the blue cart). 
 By the time we were finished, my granny cart was overflowing! 'Granny' was groaning as I wheeled her to the car:

Sunday was Greenmead (a flea market at the historical village of a town nearby).  There were about 100 dealers there and lots of variety to choose from.  I thought the prices were a little higher than last year and a couple of my favorite dealers weren't there, but it was still great fun.  It was  still really windy, but the day was sparkling bright and beautiful!   You can't ask for better junkin' weather than 70 and sunny!

I got there about 20 minutes before they opened and stood in line with everyone else -- the line was really long (longer than usual, I think).  I chatted (well, mostly listened to, I think) with a man who collects and sells pipes and pipe accessories.  He was there to look for smoking stands and the old faux-pewter 'Our Daily Bread' plates.  He said they make perfect pipe ashtrays because of the height of the sides and because the wording and design on the inside holds the pipes up.  He goes to national and regional pipe collectors' shows and sells.  There's always something new to learn about in vintage! 

Once again, Granny was filled to the brim with lots of great buys! 
A penguin ice bucket, melmac cream & sugar and a pottery tabletop set and carrier
Cool blue and white glassware
More linens!
I love, love, love the farm scene on the big pitcher and the art deco design on the little one is nice, too
Here's the to-me-from-me...
Two Pyrex dots bowls (now I just need two more) and a very fun, very kitschy flamingo thermometer!  That one is already in my living room
I hope you had a great junkin' weekend and found some treasures! 


Jill said...

Let me see - I love just about everything!!!

I've never seen that pattern on the punch bowl set - nice!!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

It was soo much fun at both of those places!!! I think it had a lot to do with the company though-thanks for treasure hunting with me!!! I can't wait til next time!!!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

What a fun weekend! You found great items, congrats on your keen eye!

LBP said...

Wow you found some great things!!! I have the glasses to match your farm scene picture!!!


marie b said...

I had a wonderful time meeting you and bh..I have stopped by our booth and love it..I bought the nice mixing bowl, and will think of you often..have a great weekend..mb windsor ontario

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