Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun at an Unexpected Rummage Sale!

As I was driving to work today, I passed a sign for a rummage sale at a local church and it was starting in 15 minutes!  I almost didn't go, because I only had a dollar or two and they usually don't take checks.  But I turned around and went anyway, figuring I'd either have enough money, get them to hold my stuff or talk them into taking my check.  Lucky me! -- the lady taking the money knew me from the Seniors group at our church (where I work) and she said she'd be happy to take my check.  They were already letting people in early, so 15 minutes later I was on my way to work with some fun finds.
An unquilted, hand pieced quilt top, 4 Paden City art deco plates, a blue ironstone pitcher and a few other goodies
A Pyrex Verde cinderella bowl, 2 deviled egg plates and a juice carafe
A large yellow Pyrex fridge dish (sadly, no lid) and a 403 Woodland mixing bowl
A very cool white iron 3-tiered plant stand

 Here are some other treasures I've picked up at sales in the past week or two, but haven't shared with you:
Some great roly poly Mad Men glasses!
Two SunSweet prune juice bottles, no lids -- I think these would be great for cut flowers!
A cheese dome & plate, Griffiths spice jar set, an 1950s 'beauty' tin and a home-made cat potholder
A casino ice bucket, 'Tempo' cream & sugar by Mieko in Japan and a 1960s AM radio (it works!)
A copper & cream 3-level food carrier.  How funny this is -- I'd never seen one before this summer and have now bought 3 of them in 4 weeks.  I wonder where they've been hiding them?
  I hope you have fun shopping this week and find lots of good junk stuff!   There are so many yard sales and so little time!


Perfectly Printed said...

Wow!! Great stuff and in only 15 minutes!! Love the sunsweet bottles and the plant stand!!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What great finds!! I love your 3 tier plant stand so cute! :) Happy Friday! xx Holly

cindy said...

Seeing your egg plates reminds me of my mama. She had one just like your treasured find.

I’m just beginning to get into kitschy vintage and know that I will love your blog.


Karen G @ ItsStillLIfe said...

I just love it when it works out that way. That is what keeps me stopping, you just never know. Unfortunately too many times, they are sales with just clothes. Great finds.

Nells Vintage House said...

You scored!! Especially loving all the pyrex, that clock and those mad men glasses. :)

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