Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Beat-up Turquoise Challenge

Well, it's 'Would You Buy It Wednesday...oops -- make that Thursday'! Here's a little treasure I not only picked up at a sale, but actually paid them $1 for! It's a wind-up clock that doesn't work, with a music box that's missing its on-off knob, in a case that cracked and filthy. My dad used to always say "A fool and his money are soon parted" and I suppose that's true, but...
The sad little clock has SO MUCH going for it!
It's turquoise (which I can never resist)
It's broken (I love to take things apart and try to fix them)
It's cute and little -- only 6" long -- and will look great in my craft room

Would you have bought it? Probably not! Even if I get it fixed, it will still be missing the door over the clock and the case will still be cracked.

I'll let you know when I get it to run!

I'm linking to Junker Newbie's 'Would You Buy It Wednesday' -- go on over and see what other 'treasures' people have found. While you're there, add your own link.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have bought it because I like when they work, although $1 just for the clock face would be a great deal. Do love the color however.

Jill said...

I would have bought it - I bought this alarm clock last week and grabbed it up before I even knew if it worked - it does but I didn't care - I loved it and that's the main thing!! And you only paid $1 for it - no harm done!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I would have bought it too!! After all, it was "only" $1!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Great color. Worth the buy if just for that.

BikerCandy said...

Oh, I love it. I wouldn't care if it worked or not, I would have definitely snatched that baby up! Great find!!!!

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