Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Perfect Day for a Vintage Flea Market

Today was the first flea market of the season at Midland Fairgrounds.  My friend Bargain Hunter couldn't go, so Mr. KV kindly offered to go with me (what a guy!)  It was fun shopping with him and he even found a few things to buy.  It was a perfect day, skies, wispy clouds and a high of 80.

I laughed with him about how I'd really have to rein in my buying because I didn't have Bargain Hunter's granny cart to use, in addition to my own (I usually end up spilling over into hers when I run out of space in mine).  I really held back!  My total purchases (and his) didn't even fill my cart.  I think having a huge yard sale and still donating a lot of the leftovers may have had something to do with my frugality, too -- I'm just oh-so aware that I have so much stuff!

There were the usual sights to see at Midland...many favorite dealers were back, though their prices were noticeably higher.  Even the 'digger' vendors who just pile their stuff on plywood and sawhorse tables were priced like malls today!

I did see some very cool things, though...
This big Pepsi Santa was pretty creepy
Love this tin toy
This glider and chair sold almost immediately after I took the picture
SO many Hummels!  (and no one was stopping to look at them...)
Great starburst entertainment set and holder!
Outstanding red & gray barkcloth, but not for me at $25

The prize for 'most creative' goes to the man who makes these birdhouses -- he told me that no two are ever alike, since he uses whatever he can find to decorate them.  I'm kicking myself (pun intended) for not buying one of the cowboy boots.

 Here's what I actually bought:
A few souvenirs (of course...)
Some Christmas (also of course...)  The Helen Gallagher Christmas catalog is from 1967 and the ceramic tree is a music box!
Love these flocked apple ornaments with the pixies inside...four will make their way to the Etsy shop, but one will have to live on our tree
My newest passion...colored aluminum!  These dessert bowls will end up on Etsy, too
 You always find the most random and unusual stuff at flea markets -- that's what makes them so much fun!  Here are some of the unexpected things that came home with me:
The Wilken family (whoever they were) published a cookbook and photo album in 1935.  I really like the previous owner's handwritten note, 'very good biscuits', on the front.  It makes me want to try the recipe before I sell it
Stiff cardboard calendar pages from 1937, illustrated with monkeys and orangutans doing sports -- they're very strange
A 'my pal' dog night light for a child's room, a turquoise wall sconce (which needs a really good cleaning!) and a pair of cemetery vases with spikes
Here are my favorite finds of the day:
Black cat's eye glasses decorated with rhinestones (with case), a red Swingline pencil sharpener and best of all, a ceramic 'My Rosary' angel rosary holder, that came with a little girl's rosary.  I think she's pretty rare
 And this is the only thing I actually bought for myself...
Pyrex pink daisy space saver with lid -- in great condition!
It was just a fun day all around...I hope you're having a great weekend!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Lots of great stuff, you did well. I think I saw that same Hummel/Goebel guy at a flea market around here...and no one was looking either!

ThrifterSisters said...

I saw the exact same glider and chair set over the weekend but in turquoise! Love the Daisy space saver!

Melissa Stanley said...

So many goodies! Love the pennants and pyrex.

Marie Booze said...

Yes it was a beautiful day and the crowds were great. It was wonderful see you. Missed Kim too.Happy treasure hunting..mb

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