Saturday, March 5, 2016

Snowy Saturday Antique Show

Today was the local Masonic lodge's annual antique show.  Since I found so much stuff yesterday in Jackson, I didn't make the effort to get out and be in line when they opened at 9:00 am today.  It was a good decision, because it was snowing (again) and our roads were really slippery -- I was glad I'd waited for it to warm up to 28 degrees.  The weather kept people away, too, so it wasn't crowded until just before I left to come home.

This show is really different from the indoor flea market's a true antique show, made up almost entirely of dealers, many with the booth tags still on their items.  There are lots of real antiques (100 years old +), primitives and country pieces and a fair amount of depression glass.  I moved pretty quickly through those booths and focused on the kitschy, mid-century and vintage holidays, so the whole show didn't take long.

Here are some views from today's show
There were wide aisles years past, you could barely move
It's a sad thing when you have every one of the things in a coronation display -- nothing new to add to the collection!
These are from my favorite mid-century booth -- I loved everything he had, but didn't buy anything.
This table and chair set was really cool in person
LOVED this little side table.  Too bad I have no place to use it, so I couldn't justify the $25 to buy it
Lots of vintage kitchen!
This seller's dollhouse furniture was really impressive -- she had another two shelf units packed like this
 These 'linen ladies' are one of my favorites.  I go to most of the shows they're at and always look for them.  Their linens are in mint or excellent condition, always washed and pressed and gorgeous. and their prices are fair, too!   You'll see the wonderful printed quilt I bought from them farther down the page.
Aprons and some fun things made from cutter tablecloths
Since an antique show is more expensive than a flea market, most of what I bought today is just for me.  Here's what I came home with:
Strombecker 8" doll sized mid-century table & chairs
Snowman salt & pepper set in original box
Serious kitsch!  Birthday angels, choir boys and a sweet polka dot elephant planter
I've had a putz fireplace on my wish list for years and found this one today!  I love the little gnome congregation on the top of the mantel (don't know if it came with it or if it was added) .  The fireplace is lit from the back with a single bulb -- can you see the little Santa Claus on the red plastic inside?
I didn't know I needed this Holt Howard Santa Claus until I saw it!  It's dated 1960 and has a singing reindeer, cat and mouse.  It holds 2 candles and has little holes in the top of the piano (I have no idea what they're for).
Christmas stockings are one of my weaknesses and this one is so wonderful!  Amazingly, this was the least expensive stocking that the dealer had and was easily the most unusual one.  I love the  artist elf!
As soon as I saw this daffodil printed quilt, I knew I had to have it -- it's just perfect for spring!  I was so thankful that it was a price I could afford.  Check out the detail in the pattern...

That's it for the weekend spending...tomorrow is 'dealer day' at the mall, when they open early for the dealers to work on their booths.  I think the daffodils have gotten me in the mood and it's time to start a spring display!

Have a happy weekend!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I LOVE the quilt!!! I should have sent some $$ with you, I'm drooling over the picture with the yellow and blue striped Pyrex-they look like the sizes that I need! I'm looking forward to our adventures tomorrow!!! :)

Shannon aka The Recycleista said...

That looks like a ton of fun!

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