Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bring on the Yard Sales!

Now that Easter's over, I'm ready for the yard sales to start popping up -- aren't you?  The weather has been so cold and rainy, though that there just haven't been many.  Last week there was only one local one -- ONE (not the best cure for cabin fever)!  There was the first church rummage sale of the year, though, so I headed out for that.

Here's what it looked like when I left for the rummage -- really foggy & chilly...
The pickings were slim, but I found a few little goodies.  Next I went to an estate sale that about 10 miles away and 2 miles down a wet dirt road -- what a waste of time.  It was WAY overpriced...most of the items were even higher than they would be at an antique mall.   I got there an hour after it started and the tables were full (no surprise there).  I did find a New York World's Fair souvenir glass and a really cool glass coffee table, though.
Very appropriate for a Catholic church rummage sale -- Jesus on the Mount of Olives
Not great finds from the rummage sale...plus the World's Fair glass from the estate sale
I think this coffee table is pretty cool -- it looks like it should be on a sun porch or with casual furniture, though.
Finally, I went to the only yard sale in town (and wished I'd gone there before the estate sale).  It was family run and the prices were all over the place, but the house had been decorated in the 60s and not updated since.  It turned out to be a day for wall decor, as I got several bits of 1960s plastic (Syroco-type) and some oh-so-lovely metal peacocks.  Not my taste, but I know that they'll sell.

Three seasons of a four-season Syroco set from the 70s
My big investment of the day (still not much)!  The frame is plastic, but these convex mirrors are always popular
Here are the beautiful peacocks!
Here are two things from the thrift last week that I forgot to share, and they were really sweet finds!
aluminum food tote
Red Regal aluminum cake carrier with a bakelite handle -- so cool!
It's been near 70 for the past two days and it feels (and looks) like spring!  Maybe the yard sales will be better this week -- I hope so!  I hope you have better sales where you live, too.


ThrifterSisters said...

That red cake carrier is amazing! Hope there are lots more sales in your very near future :-)


Jenn said...

I have the same peacocks! Found them at a way overpriced thrift store. Growing up, my grandpa had a pair that were 3-5 feet long. I'd love to get a set but they are way outside my price range lol

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