Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Etsy Every Day Project - Week 1 Recap

Well, I did it! I listed (at least) one item on Etsy every day for the past week...one down and fifty-one to go (I don't think I'll say that again -- it sounds REALLY overwhelming)!  Two days of being snowed in didn't hurt -- we got close to 20" of snow.  Check out Mr. Snowman (he's about 3 feet tall):

Here are the items that made it in this week:
Day #1 - Texasware 118 Bowl

Day #2 - Thousand Islands New York Postcard Folder
Day #3 - 1950s Child's Mittens with Duck Faces
Day #4 - 1950s Child's Gloves with dogs jumping through hoops
Day #5 - Buffalo New York Souvenir Pennant
Day #6 - Wear Ever copper-lidded casserole
Day #7 - very large Washington Zoo souvenir pennant


PoetessWug said...

LOVE those duck face mittens!! :-) Too bad I don't have children!...Keep up the tedious listing. Copy and paste a lot. That's what I do...and then fill in the particular details for that item. :-))

Liz said...

Love those little gloves - so sweet!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love the child's mittens and gloves!!! Those are too sweet! We got a lot of snow too, I'd say probably 20-24 inches. Still very cold here, warmer today but still in the negatives! Hope you stay warm!! :) xo Holly

Anonymous said...

OH MY How I would LOVE the Buffalo NY pennant. That is my Dad's home town and he is 85 years old. He has a little 'man cave' in his retirement home and how he would have loved that for a Xmas gift this year! I may have to try and find one for Xmas 2014 - always assuming my folks will BE HERE for the holiday - if you know what I mean! Always enjoy readin your blog. GADawn57

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