Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Do You Think This Was?

I picked up this very interesting table at the local thrift -- I paid more than a 'thrift' price, because I loved the styling and thought buyers in my booth might, too.

It's all brass (I think) with a wood inset top -- even the legs and shelf on the bottom are brass.  It has casters and they're little metal ones like they used years ago.

The detail on the drawer is lovely.  The drawer is wood and faced with a brass sheet that's been folded around it and nailed in place.
The top is inlaid and looks like oak to me -- it's joined wood, not veneer.

I could see this as a bedside table in the hospital sets of Downton Abbey, or as a bank or cashier's table in The Sting.  It really looks like 1910s to 1930s to me, and the quality speaks to that era, too.  It could be newer, just made to look old, though.

What do you think?  When do you think it was made and what do you think it was used for?  I'd love it if one of you could identify its era and use!


kari moore said...

fascinating design Anne. Is the top lidded? It is really gorgeous...I don wonder about a nightstand, perhaps...seems almost too ornate to be utilitarian.

Amy Lavender Harris said...

I'm no expert on furniture, but could it be an old radio table -- maybe the battery would have say below?

Amy Lavender Harris said...

"sat." Also -- it's beautiful!

SusieQT said...

Probably a cash register stand?

scott7258 said...

It would be a neat rolling bar cart, whatever it is! I would love it as a nightstand myself. Mary

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