Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Greenmead Fall Flea Market

I was able to go to one of my favorite events last week -- Greenmead Antiques Flea Market in Livonia, Michigan.  It only happens two Sundays a year and it's a don't-miss opportunity to find some great stuff.
A beautiful, sunny day!
I always get there early (by 9:30, at least, for the 10:00 start).  At $2 admission, it's a bargain!
I've usually filled my granny cart and also had some large items to go back to pick up.  This time, though, I filled my granny cart, made a trip to the car to empty it, went back and filled it again and then STILL had big items to pick up.  Three trips to the car -- WOW!

Here are some of the neat things that I found:
Two old bed-spring pieces.  I'm going to mount these to the wall and hang things off of them.
Felt Christmas tree skirt -- it needs a tiny bit of mending
The green breadbox is pretty shabby, but I liked the polka dots.  The chalkware kitty bank is shabby, too/  I couldn't believe I found a red Pyrex 401 bowl in great condition!   The black salt & pepper are pretty cool, too.  
Do you see the pink Pyrex fridgie?  SO excited about that one!  My son and his wife have already claimed the 1970s giant glasses -- I knew someone would love those...
I know I don't need any more Christmas tins, but Santa (who you can hardly see) is very friendly looking.  And I can NEVER resist souvenir pennants or cameras!  Can you see the mid-century Coronet thermos jug -- it's so cool!
Franciscan Desert Rose salt & pepper, Christmas aprons & more dish towels
Love these tablecloths (the songbirds are a dish towel).  I got the rooster & hen cloth for $1 because it's so stained.  I'll see if lots of soaking will work on it...

I wish I knew who manufactured the big soup mug with the lid.  It's ringed like Bauer, but I don't think it is Bauer.
I just had to have these funky corn dishes.  They're hard plastic (celluloid?) and very thin -- I think they're popcorn dishes
This is a Westinghouse roaster base or cabinet.  I think it would look cool set up as a bar
Lots of storage room for bottles & glasses inside
The suitcase is a project piece.  It's been completely stripped inside, so I get to line it!  
Here is one of my favorite things from Greenmead... I bought it to sell (and still might), but I love it so much that I'm tempted to keep it:
This is a pretty big picture -- maybe 18x24.  It's a 40s or 50s photo of a girl blowing bubbles and she just looks so joyful
 And the BIG STAR is this globe -- it's a Repogle game globe from the 1960s.  I was very excited to find it and when I asked the vendor if he could take any less for it, he dropped it by a lot.  I was doing the happy dance away as fast as I could, before he changed his mind.

 If you live near southeast Michigan, try to go to Greenmead won't be disappointed!

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ThrifterSisters said...

I always love to see other bloggers find pink Pyrex! It can be pretty hard to find so it's nice to know it's out there :-)

I love your idea of using the Westinghouse cabinet as a bar. Now I know what I will do if I ever come across one.

Have a great day!


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