Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Community Garage Sale Finds

In my last post, I mentioned going to the community garage sale, but never had show-and-tell of what I got there.

I went about a half hour early and people were already shopping, so I got an early start.  That's both good and bad -- you get first-chance the good stuff that's out, but you miss the things that they haven't put out yet.

Anyway, I found some good things:
I love this cottage picture!  It reminds me of the Anne Hathaway house
1970s dollhouse with furniture and doll family

Cutwork wood shelf
Sunny Suzy play sink
Commodore mustard and ketchup
Commodore made these in response to the popularity of Holt Howard Pixieware.  They have spoons in the lid and are cute, but not as cute as the Pixies!
Mexican-themed tea set
A very sweet 1950s paper lampshade with cowboys

The lampshade is just perfect to top off the horseshoe lamp I got at auction a few weeks ago...

Here are a few other things I've picked up here and there...
Tortoise-shell card rack
1970s stagecoach, made from a kit
Loop weaving loom -- this brings back so many memories!  I may keep it for the grandchildren I might have someday
Mid-century cheese-and-cracker tray.  I'm thinking of keeping this, too


ThrifterSisters said...

I am almost positive that you were meant to find that lamp shade. It is absolutely perfect with your lamp base!


Protector of Vintage said...

Wow!! Love the great treasures...especially the doll house!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the doll house, too. I used to have one just like it!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wow! You really did find some wonderful treasures! :) Happy Thursday! xo Holly

Stacey Johnson said...

Wow! Lots of fun finds!

Jessica Cangiano said...

My goodness, what incredibly cool, darling finds! If I unearthed that much vintage goodness at every yard sale I went to in a year here, I'd be over the moon happy! It's fabulous that you were able to pick up all of these awesome vintage treasures in one day!

♥ Jessica

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