Saturday, September 8, 2012

I FINALLY Met a Sale I Didn't Like

I went to the mall yesterday to fluff the booth (we've had a sale this week and I had LOTS of holes to fill -- what a wonderful problem to have).  I saw an estate sale in the same town as the mall and planned my morning to stop there first.  There were 3 possible sales to go to and, true to Murphy's Law, they were in 3 different directions so there was no way to get to them all without spending most of the day in the car.

I chose poorly...

I was number 20 and the first 15 people went in first.  I should have known it was going to be bad when they all began trickling out either empty-handed or with only one or two purchases.

The prices were the highest I've ever seen at any sale!  I've never been to a sale before where every item (large and small) was priced at or above mall prices.  Some things were 2 or 3 times higher!  As I looked over the stuff in the kitchen ($250 for an oil lamp - without a shade - that would retail for $40...) an acquaintance who was there told me about a yard sale three blocks over -- "It's just your kind of stuff and I know you'll love it."

I couldn't wait to shake the dust from that frog-sale off my feet!  I don't think I've ever left a sale without buying something or at least seeing something I wished I could have had.  Beware of Dumar Estate Sales... What a waste!
I got a few fun things at the yard sale, but haven't had a chance to get pictures yet -- hopefully I'll post those tomorrow.


Perfectly Printed said...

Don't you just hate that? There are a couple of professional estate sale operators that I avoid...can't wait to see what you got at your yard sale.



I just laugh when you say "frog" sale! LOL!!! Cute kitty cookie jar! We see prices all over! Love the 2nd day sales as most stuff is 1/2 off.

Into Vintage said...

That always drives me crazy! If I want to pay antique mall prices, I'll go to a clean, organized, climate-controlled mall. Ditto for yard sales where they print out the ebay 'comp' and put it next to the item... :-) Hope the yard sale treated you better that the estate sale.

PoetessWug said...

I'll look forward to seeing what you found...tomorrow....Deep breath, about the high prices! ^_^

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