Sunday, April 1, 2012

A little blue, a little tired and a LOT busy!

I just saw that I haven't posted since March 22... I think that's a (bad) record for me!  I've been so busy -- between my day job and the booth and Etsy, added to things to be done around the house and shopping for the booth and Etsy, I barely have a minute to breathe.  A few years ago one of our pastors did a teaching on margins and how we all need some margins (white space) in our lives.  Well, lately there isn't any margin! 

Being too busy makes me a little tired and also I've been a little blue.  I don't know if that's an expression used much anymore, but it exactly describes the funk I've been in.  I feel like I just need something (maybe a string of nice weather, a good sale or two, a few extra days off or a visit from a moved-away friend) to give me a lift! 

Anyway, I've got LOTS of blog posts in my head!  There are so many things I need to tell about -- when I finally start putting them up, it will be day after day and most of them ought to start with "This should have been posted on...(fill in the date in the past 3 weeks).  So, no pictures yet, or posts about shopping or things I've been doing, but they'll be coming soon (I hope)! 

Thanks for stopping by, even though there hasn't been anything to read.  More to come...

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Perfectly Printed said...

Oh Anne, I certainly understand "feeling a little blue", I say that every once in awhile too. The warmer weather with be here soon, that always helps me!!
Thinking of you!

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