Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me...

I was working on my booth at the mall last week and after I was finished I decided to walk around and see what was new.  This is always a good way to a)see how others stage their booths,  b)see what their pricing is like for my similar items and c)SHOP.  One of the other dealers, Ben, loves mid century kitsch just as much as I do.   I've bought LOTS of things from him (he laughs that I'm one of his favorite customers)!  If you're reading this Ben, here's a thank you to you for making my home more kitschy-ful!  

At Christmas, this treasure was one of his finds (now on my kitchen windowsill):
A Lefton Santa & Sleigh
I always check out his booth to see what's new and this week there was this wonderful find!  Harlequin is my favorite Homer Laughlin pattern -- even more than regular Fiesta.  I was so excited to find the covered casserole & snapped it up right away to buy with my Christmas money from my Aunt Gene (that didn't last long, did it?) 
  Thanks, Aunt Gene (and Ben)!

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Love the Harlequin!! Great finds!!!

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